Freediver from Zero to Hero

Do you want to make Freediving your profession and become a Freediving Instructor? Do you want to change your lifestyle and to live your dream? Then look no further – our program From Zero To Hero perfectly fits your plans!

Comparing to do all Freediving levels separately, in this program we go deep into more detailed understanding of every aspect of Freediving – from Freediving and Safety skills to knowledge development and coaching techniques.


This program is guided by our Freediving Instructor Trainer and your daily training routine will be supervised by one of our experienced instructors.

Your Freediving Instructor Trainer becomes for these couple of months not just your coach, but rather your mentor, who helps you to grow as a Freediver and Instructor.

From the very beginning of this program for every student we develop detailed individual training plan with regular revisions, based on student’s progress. 

Unlike in many other Freediving centres our “Zero to Hero” students training at the pool and open water with experienced Freediving Instructor/Instructor Trainer, which helps them to get the best educational quality possible. 

To help students achieve better progress with their technique we regularly do underwater footage (both in the pool and open water) and later discuss how to make it better. 

In our centre we choose quality over quantity and this is the reason why we limited amount of students doing “ZERO TO HERO” program to only three at the same time.


Our ZERO to HERO program takes 2-3 months and makes you a good and confident Freediver, as well as an excellent Freediving Instructor!

Since this program designed specifically for those who want to become a Freediving Instructor, we include UNLIMITED assisting on Freediving courses. Watching how Freediving Instructors are helping their students to overcome different problems will make you prepared to do the same after you finish Freediving Instructor course. 

Program includes:

PADI Freediver course
PADI Advanced Freediver course
PADI Master Freediver course
EFR course (first aid)
EFR Instructor
PADI Freediving Instructor
Unlimited pool and open water training
Unlimited assisting on Freediving courses

PRICE 72.000 THB

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