Freediving is often described with the saying, “freediving is a sport…”

The sport aspect is great, but we think it is a little bit more than just physical activity. Hard training, working on technique for hours and hours, motivation, goal setting – all of these are parts of freediving, of course.

But for us freediving is much more than sport. It is an exploration of our self. It is the exploration of our mind and body. It is the exploration of the Ocean. It is the exploration of the connection between us and the Ocean.  And it’s the exploration of the Ocean within ourselves….

It looks simple. You hold your breath. You do static apnea, dynamic apnea swim or deep free diving. Sounds like a physical activity.

But no matter how well your body is trained, you will be far below your limits if you are not ready mentally. For in the pool, your approach to discipline should be the same as in the blue.

There is no rush, no worries, no outside world at all. Forget about your Ego, about your weaknesses, or fears.

Relax, take a big breath, hold it, and enjoy the beauty of FREE DIVING!