Master Freediver

Are you looking for the ultimate challenge of for your Freediving skills? Then this course is what are you looking for! On this course, we discuss every aspect of Freediving theory and teach new techniques which help you to reach your goals safely and enjoyable!


You will learn unique Freediving equalization technique for deep diving (mouth-fill equalization), improve your free fall position and expand your knowledge of physiology and physics of Freediving.

Over the next seven days, we are going to work on increasing your breath hold achieving the minimum of 3.30 minutes in Static Apnea and 70 meters in Dynamic Apnea.

We will also practice purest freediving disciplines – dynamic No-Fins (DNF) and constant weight No-Fins (CNF), usually described as a real test of human aquatic abilities.

You will learn how to organize your training, as well as how to become a safe and reliable buddy for another freediver.

And of course, we will go deeper on our Open Water sessions. Maximum depth for your level is going to be 40 meters! (minimum depth – 32 meters)

On each open water sessions, you will progressively achieve new depth with comfort and safety. Our PADI Freediving Instructor Trainer (highest rating in Freediving educational system) will be by your side at all times while underwater and will guide you with precise instruction for breathing, relaxation, and techniques necessary, allowing to achieve new depth.

To enroll in a PADI Master Freediver course, you must be:
certified as a PADI Advanced Freediver or equivalent
18 years old

Course duration: 7-10 days

Course price: 17.000 baht

If you have any question, please feel free to ask, we will be happy to help you!