PADI Free Diver

PADI Freediver course is the first step in the amazing underwater world, without too much equipment and noise…

Our PADI Freediver course includes:

  • PADI Freediver course
  • PADI Freediving Ebook
  • Rental of all freediving equipment
  • Great location on the beach

Price: 7000 bht

We conduct our PADI Freediver course over two days. The PADI Freediver course consists of

  • Knowledge development
  • 2 Confined water sessions in the swimming pool (and we are only one Freediving center on the island who has three swimming pools to do it)
  • 2 Open water sessions – two training session conducted off of our special freediving boat


Our standard course is as follows:

Day 1:

12.00 – 16.00: Knowledge Development
16.00 – 18.00: Confined water training # 1

Day 2:

08.00 – 10.00: Confined water training # 2
12.00 – 18.00: Open water Training dive 1 and 2

You are now a fully qualified PADI Freediver, certified to free dive to a maximum depth of 16 meters with a buddy.

Let’s take a closer look at each step in detail…

Knowledge Development

The Knowledge Development section of the PADI Freediver course consists of Instructor-led knowledge development sessions and covered equipment for freediving, breathing techniques, physiology(respiration, circulation, mammalian dive reflex), effects of pressure underwater, equalization, safety, etc. 

Confined water dives

ALL our confined water dives are conducted in one of our purpose built swimming pools. The swimming pool is without a doubt the best place to conduct these sessions both from a safety and comfort perspective.

Your instructor will demonstrate skills which you will practice back, designed to get you comfortable using freediving equipment.

Freediving skills will include:

  • the correct way to put on and remove freediving equipment
  • warm up and correct breathing techniques prior to a static apnea attempt/dynamic apnea swim
  • correct technique for completing a static apnea attempt/dynamic apnea swim
  • correct buddy skills for supporting a free diver during a static apnea attempt/dynamic apnea swim
  • rescue for a diver who simulates loss of motor control at the surface/blackout underwater

Open Water Training Dives

Now time for the best part! Your first open water session will allow you to put everything you have learned in theory into practice.

We conduct open water dives from our special free diving boat, big enough to do stretching before the dive, repeat some theory, and then relax after the dive!

On the first dive, with a maximum depth limit of 10 meters/25 feet, you will practice correct breathing techniques for open water free dive, perform a free dive to a maximum depth of 10 meters, and demonstrate a rescue for a buddy who simulates loss of motor control on the surface.

On the second freediving session, you will practice constant weight diving techniques for the maximum depth of 16 meters/50 feet, learn how to do safety for your buddy, and perform a rescue on a freediver who simulates blackout at 5 meters/15 feet

Diver Prerequisites: 15 years old

Price: 7000 bht

If you have any question, please feel free to ask, we will be happy to help you!