Freediving COMBO Beginer

Freediving COMBO “Beginner” is the most popular Freediving program for those who want to learn Freediving in an easy and relaxed way. The program includes a PADI Freediver course and an additional full day of Freediving training (morning relaxation breathing/ pool training and afternoon fundive/open water training).

We will go beyond the PADI Freediver course and learn how to improve your relaxation, how to organize your training in the pool and open water, how to do safety for your buddy, and much more.

It depends on how you’ve done on your PADI Freediver course in the pool; we can focus only on static or dynamic (or we can do both).

For example, if it is Static Apnea, we can do a simple CO2 table, work on your relaxation and improve your safety skills! On the other hand, if it is Dynamic Apnea we will do a lot of short distances working on your kicking technique and streamlining position!

For the open water part, we also focused on further improvement of your technique (both FIM and CWT) and relaxation in the water. Finally, we  usually are finished with Fun Diving on one of the local coral reefs!

What is the next step? Check out our PADI Advanced Freediver course! You can also do some training on the line with other Freedivers, or you can test your skills while fun diving on one of the most popular dive sites around Koh Tao!

Price: 8000 Thai Baht (240 USD)

We also have an option of a “private” course if you want to have a one-on-one experience with your instructor to ensure that the course is adjusted to your pace and needs.

Price: 9500 Thai Baht (280 USD)

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