Free Diving Pool Training

Freediving for us is all about having fun in the water! But sometimes you need to work hard to achieve your goals…

If you are already a certified freediver (or took our discover freediving program) and want to push your limits, but in a controlled environment, our 20 meters pool is an ideal place to do it!

On a daily basis, under the direct supervision of our freediving instructor, you can train static apnea and/or dynamic apnea swim.

It is a one and a half hour session, which includes a static apnea or dynamic apnea swim, apnea swim/regular swim, and stretching.

For static and dynamic apnea training we are practicing different exercises and constantly open to the new. We concentrate more on the technique rather than numbers.

For example for static apnea we can do:

  • CO2 tables
  • O2 tables
  • a mix of CO2 and O2 tables
  • so-called “one breath” tables
  • static apnea with an empty lungs/FRC
  • 3-5 repetitive static breath holds with the breath hold time 60-80% from your max

For dynamic apnea we are practicing both DYN and DNF:

  • CO2/O2 tables and their mix
  • 3-15 repetitive DYN/DNF with the 25-70% distance from your max
  • short DYN/DNF with 1-3 breaths between them
  • the combination of STA and DYN/DNF exercises
  • swimming exercises to improve technique

And of course, when you are ready – we will be more than happy to do coaching on your maximum attempt!

At the end of pool training, we usually calm down with easy swimming and stretching.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask, we will be happy to help you!