Free Diving Open water

Of course when you are thinking about freediving, you are thinking about the sea, rather than a swimming pool.

Despite the fact that swimming pool is an ideal place to practice such freediving skills as static apnea and dynamic apnea swimming, the ultimate goal is to, of course, dive into the blue…


If you are already a certified free diver and want to sharp your free diving skills in the open water – our “Open water training” will be perfect for you!

We guarantee a small group on the boat (4 people max), which will help to free dive as much as you want!

Normally we have a 3 hour free diving session, but if you get tired, our comfortable boat is the perfect place to relax after diving and may be even do some stretching!


Depending on the desire of our students we also sometimes finish our open water session with shallow snorkeling on one of Koh Tao’s most beautiful dive sites.

Price: 1000 baht