Advanced Freediver

Get Impressive Results in 3 Days on a PADI Advanced Freediver Course in Koh Tao, Thailand!

Our experienced instructors will share with you specific freediving tricks and techniques that will help you freedive more than 20 meters deep underwater and comfortably hold your breath for over two and a half minutes long.

The PADI Advanced Freediver course splits into three blocks: theory, pool training, and diving in the sea. For your convenience, we keep group size ratios at two students to 1 instructor maximum.

The PADI Advanced Freediver course schedule is flexible, and we can work around your personal needs and timeframe.

Day 1:

12:00-15:30: Theory Session

You will learn more about advanced freediving techniques, such as Frenzel equalization, CO2/O2 training tables, and how to keep training independently after completing the course.

16:00-18:00: Pool Session #1

You practice different breath-holding exercises that will help you comfortably achieve a breath-holding time of over two and a half minutes long. During this session, you will also be introduced to the purest freediving technique: how to swim underwater without fins (dynamic no-fins).

Day 2:

08:00-10:00: Pool Session #2

During the second session, you will master aspects of dynamic apnea, such as kicking, gliding, and streamlining. These improvements will help you comfortably swim underwater for 50 meters or more.

13:00-15:00: Open Water Training Dive #1

You will refresh and improve upon everything that you were practicing in the previous freediving course, such as equalization, proper kicking techniques, duck diving, and so on.

Day 3:

08:00-09:00: Stretching/Breathing Session

In this session, you will learn specific techniques and insights from yoga and meditation practices, such as diaphragm stretching, pranayama breathing, and a unique full-body stretching routine, all of which will help you to discover your freediving potential

13:00-15:00: Open Water Training Dive #2

You will finish the course by diving comfortably between 20-24 meters underwater, performing a simulated rescue procedure from 10 meters underwater, and improving your safety skills.

Diver prerequisites:

The PADI Advanced freediving course includes:

  • PADI Freediving online manual
  • Two pool sessions
  • Two open water sessions
  • One stretching/breathing session
  • Maximum two students per freediving instructor
  • Rental of all freediving equipment (including a freediving computer)
  • International certification upon successful completion

After the course, you can join our regular pool or open water training to improve your skills and get more confidence. We also organize Freediving fundiving on a popular Koh Tao’s dive sites!

Course price: 8.000 bht

If you have any question, please feel free to ask, we will be happy to help you!