Advanced Freediver COMBO

Looking for a perfect way to learn both PADI Freediver and PADI Advanced Freediver courses in the most relaxed way? Want to expend you freediving knowledge and technique beyond them? Then our Advanced Freediver COMBO program is a right thing to do for you!

It includes both PADI Freediver and PADI Advanced Freediver courses, plus two additional days of Freediving training (morning relaxation breathing/stretching/ pool training, afternoon fundive/open water training).

We will go beyond PADI Advanced Freediver course and learn meditation technique, advanced stretching exercises, and dry equalization exercises. Both, in the pool and open water, you are going to be introduced to no fins technique and work on your streamlined position, which helps you to achieve good results in all disciplines.

For example, our typical morning breathing/stretching routine includes

  1. Pranayama breathing
  2. Learning the basics of meditation
  3. Empty/Full lungs stretching
  4. Full exhale breath holds
  5. Stretching on a fitness ball and many more exercises

15 years old

Price is 16.000 THB (include all Freediving certification costs)

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